Making your event a
celebrity affair

Turn your attendees into celebrities! With Diamond VIP Services, your guests will experience the VIP treatment from the moment they walk into the venue for your event.

Setting the right tone

We greet and assist your guests when they arrive, and usher them onto the red carpet.

Warm Welcome

We engage guests in lively conversations, making them comfortable and excited for the event.

Say cheese!

Our professional photographers take red carpet photos of guests in their best Alaskan-lifestyle attires with the Hollywood-style backdrop to serve as a special memory for your event.

Diamond VIP Services has worked with brands, organizations, events, and concerts for:

Baina Kandi

Bayinna Kerah (aka Baina Kandi) is not new to the entertainment scene. Her hosting career began in Tokyo, where she became the VIP hostess for big names in the industry like Janet Jackson, Dennis Rodman, Wu-Tang Clan, Magic Johnson, Dennis Hopper, and more. 

Aside from hosting, her wide range of over 25 years of experience allowed her to show her charm on stage, in front of the camera, and in TV production–from working with MTV Europe to making her own series like After Dark with Baina Kandi and The Baina Kandi Show. Her career opened opportunities to be part of events in Los Angeles, New York, and Japan. 

Baina Kandi owns and manages Baina Kandi Unlimited International LLC (BKUi) and Diamond VIP Services. She currently resides in Wasilla, Alaska, where she also works on a project called Diamonds of Alaska, which features the Alaskan lifestyle and community. 

Bayinna Kerah has been featured in

Make it sparkle and shine, walk by faith and not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5:7

The Diamond VIP Services Story

It all began with Bayinna’s love for music. In 2015, she wanted to see a concert but didn’t have
enough funds for the tickets. What she lacked in resources, she made up for connections with the producer of the event. She offered to sponsor a red carpet service in exchange for some tickets, and by the end of the night, everyone had so much fun that the artist Twista himself took over and hosted the red carpet. This became the first of many Diamond VIP Services experience’s in Alaska.

We have expanded to cater to corporate, non-profit, and private Alaskan events which
showcase entertainment, food, culture, and lifestyle. It is our goal to make every event sparkle and shine with professionalism, quality service, and genuine intention of making all guests feel like the VIPs that they are to you!

Meet Our Team

Bayinna Kerah


Jesse Bannon

Chief Financial Officer & Logistics Supervisor

David Foster

Post Production Supervisor

Claire Faith Nulla


Lester “21K” Skinner


Tim Domit Hufford


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